What are your graduates going on to?

As you celebrate graduation with your graduates and their families, are you aware of the jobs they are going in to? You have probably been aware of the great employability figures for the university this year, with 95.8% going in to work or further study, which has made us one of the highest risers in England, now ranking us at joint 17th for work and further study.

But how do we find out this information, and what can we do to keep this success up?

Careers and Employability start the process of gathering data for the 2015 leavers shortly after graduation by emailing all students to ask them to complete a HESA questionnaire. Then after Christmas we employ a bank of students and staff to make follow up calls to all non-responders. This can be a Herculean task as we have to achieve an 80% response rate, and have over 3,500 students to get through.

How can you help with this?

Firstly by letting your students know about the survey and encouraging them at all stages to respond quickly. Secondly, if you are a member of staff who has completed study at the University, such as the PGCert Learning and Teaching – you are also a leaver, and this survey will apply to you. So please also complete your own form promptly!

If you know about any of your graduates who are unemployed and looking for work, please send them our way. We offer advice and guidance services to all our students for up to three years after leaving. In January we will be running our successful  Step Up course for unemployed graduates, a free 3 day course focusing on personal development and employability skills.

For more information about what your 2015 graduates are doing: Overview of graduate destinations for your course www.worc.ac.uk/careers/graduatedestinationresources.htm

More detailed information can be found within our internal files: O:All Staff Documents\Employability\Graduate Destination information\2014-15 leavers\DLHE_2014_15_Staff_Access.xlsx

If you’d like to get in touch with Careers & Employability please email us: careers@worc.ac.uk


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