Helping students to access the right support at the right time

Whatever your role at the University of Worcester – whether you are an academic tutor, or working in a professional services role, a student-facing service, or the Students’ Union – this guide is for you. It is designed to ensure that you can, quickly and confidently, direct students to the advice and support they need, when they need it.

While students choose to study at the University of Worcester primarily to take advantage of the outstanding academic experience on offer, specialist advice and support is also fundamental to a truly excellent student experience. Student Services offers a range of support and advice on all aspects of student life.

Guide for University Staff covers a range of the support available from Student Services, focusing particularly on those services and situations we are most frequently asked about by colleagues. It outlines some of the key signs and behaviours to look out for to help you spot a student who may need additional support, provides practical guidance on what action you might need to take, and finally indicates what might happen once a referral is made.

This guide is available online at http://www.worcester.ac.uk/your-home/information-for-staff.html


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